“The purely formal language of geometry describes adequately the reality of space. We might say, in this sense, that geometry is successful magic. I should like to state a converse: is not all magic, to the extent that it is successful, geometry?”

Rene Thom, (1923 -2002) French Mathematician


Vibrating Higher with Lalah Delia

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Posts via Lalah’s Instagram Feed

We are all made of matter and energy and so much of what I have been reading and my experiences of late reaffirmations that.I was reminded of the work of Lalah Delia, an advocate for wellness and spirituality, who is soon to launch her new website dedicated to vibrating higher.  Today I realised I was feeling heavier and less centred after engaging with close family, even though my intention was to be present and loving. Sometimes when you give so much of yourself to others as a form of fulfillment and/or pure goodwill, are are left empty.

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Lalah Delia portrait

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Momentary Living

Newsletters annoy me. Somehow you end up signing up and before you know it your promotions tab in gmail is overflowing with unread newsletters. However, there are a few I do open and skim through before I hit delete. Like today’s one from the conscious American women’s clothing designer Eileen Fisher, taken from her Life Work Series titled: A Dose of Inspiration for your Wednesday.

The current series is geared towards managing holiday stressors, but I thought today’s inspirational quote by Dan Millman suited my current varsity stress and ‘under-the-weather-zombie-feeling’, perfectly.

Eileen Fisher Newsletter

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Nutritional Awareness

First off, I have been wanting to start a wellness journal for the longest time; a space carved out where I can document my spiritual and wellness inspirations for my own development and to inspire others. But for now, this platform will have to do, as somewhat of a collage of posts that make up the elements of my interests.

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The Everyday Lived Reality of our Post-Apartheid Neighbourhoods

In a recent interview that appeared on Archdaily, Rodrigo Alonso discusses with Jan Gehl how in the last 50 years architects have forgotten what good human scale is. Rodrigo asks Jan what the following phrase from his book Cities for People means to him:

“First we shape cities and then they shape us.”

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Being a Multipotentialite

Samuel Leighton-Dore

I came across this quote on Extraordinary Routines of Samuel Leighton-Dore describing himself as a multipotentialite1. At first I thought it was a word he fabricated until I googled it. And it actually exists! Emily Wapnick introduced the term to mainstream media through her popular TED talk, “Why some of us don’t have one true calling”, where she describes a multipotentialite as someone with many interests and creative pursuits. Continue reading Being a Multipotentialite

Valencia D. Clay on Teaching as Activism

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Valencia D. Clay portrait via Instagram

I just listened to the inspirational teacher Valencia D. Clay chat to Alex Elle on her podcast hey, girl1, about her life, why she teaches and her struggles with mental illness. I discovered her instagram profile yesterday and I was awestruck by a woman my age who projects herself with such purpose. And I mean serious purpose. This post on her blog titled Reading an An Act of Service made me realise how easily I have fallen into the comfortable space of talking about making a difference with like-minded people and attending seminars for networking sake without actually getting my hands dirty. Valencia writes: Continue reading Valencia D. Clay on Teaching as Activism