Effective Procrastination: A list of Personal Style Influences

I should be writing an essay about the urban theory of Addis Ababa, and even more urgently, designing a green infrastructure solution to Kampala’s urban issues but I have chosen to squander my time musing over the current influencers on my journey to a more ethical approach to my personal style.

Side note: Hereafter, I do solemnly swear to apportion the rest of the remaining hours of my day to my studies…

“Whether we consider ourselves ‘fashionable’ or not, we all wear clothing and therefore engage with fashion.”

Intent Journal

But first, a list of my personal style inspirations:

  • Archana Paladugu’s take on her personal style and conscious living on her blog  To The Universe, with Love. Her writing is witty and so darn funny. And I have decided to adopt her approach to use this platform to effectively catalogue my field notes on style, simplicity and the art of slow living.
  • Sartreuse, a style blog by a student on her journey to a ‘well-edited wardrobe with a french twist’.
  • Okay, to most people, my obsession with all things French is no secret. And yes, it is very trendy right now to to aspire to all things Parisian and French, but I will profess that in another life, I was French, or in the next I hope to be! So of course the epitome of ‘French cool girls’ who inspire me are: Jeanne Damas and Leia Sfez.
  • Emma Loughridge’s effortless and comfortable style, and her love of books and flowers.
  • Garance Dore, (another French inspiration, now based in New York), her illustrations, her features on other stylish women and the brand empire she has built.
  • Madelynn Furlong from Wide Eyed and Legless and her keen eye for styling. I first came across her curated closet posts and her style has since evolved from stark minimalism to a more personal take to curating her own personal style.
  • Aja Edmond sophisticated simplicity and the brand she is building.
  • The Olson Twins and their clothing label, The Row, for its ‘mid-century modern; east meets west’ vibe. And I feel that if I waltzed around in their clothing I would have a decidedly more zen approach to the stresses of daily life.
  • Anushka Rees from the blog formerly known as Into Mind, on her practical advice and steps to building a mindfully curated closet.
  • Cuyana and Eileen Fisher the brands, their philosophy – all that they stand for.
  • Intent Journal as my guide to being more conscious about the clothing I chose to wear, to value it and a reminder to not be a slave to fast fashion.

This is a growing list, which I suspect will evolve, as I uncover what defines my personal style.  Follow my pinterest board for visuals on my obvious inclination to a laid-back effortless take on winter wear for this season.

Who are your personal style influencers? Do share.

Featured Image: pinterest board